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Fear of Flying Info

Aviophobia Definition

Aviophobia is simply defined as a fear of flying. It can be considered it’s own phobia itself but is sometimes associated with other phobias such as claustrophobia and acrophobia. Claustrophobia is a fear of tight spaces while acrophobia is a fear of heights. Being on an aircraft such as an airplane or helicopter provide the perfect setting for these phobias take place.Aviophobia

Prevalence Of The Fear of Flying

Since almost every single person requires to travel by air at some point in their life, the prevalence of the fear of flying is very high.It is estimated that around 30-50% of people suffer from some form of fear of flying at some point in their life. The cause of the occurrence rate of this phobia could be attributed to all the fears one may face with air travel.

Causes of Fear of Flying

For example, as previously mentioned, being in a tight space several thousand of kilometers high up in the air is daunting to any person’s sense of security. Lesser obvious causes of this fear could be the fear of not being in control or a even the fear of vomiting or getting sick on a plane. Some people also dread their ears popping or not having an escape if they have a panic attack. In addition to all these causes, there is always the fear of bodily harm from a crash, hijacking or terrorism.

News outlets seem to make the fear of flying problem even worse and could also be attributed to why the prevalence of this particular fear is so high. Every plane crash is reported and document in detail yet how often would a media outlet run a story about a successful flight? They may paint the picture that air travel is increasing in danger when the truth is that the number of flights are just increasing.

Furthermore, a lack of knowledge behind the science of flight and how that large piece of equipment stays up in the air may also contribute to the cause of the fear of flight.

Severity and Results of the Fear

Regardless of the cause of aviophobia, many people will seek help to overcome this fear. There are also an extreme group of people that have such a severe severity of the fear of flying that the mention or even thought of having to fly on a planes causes panic attacks.

A person with this severity of a fear of flying may find themselves on missing out visiting family, attending weddings or even attending vacations with their family. It could also cause severe career problems if faced with a business opportunity that requires air travel by plane.

Regardless of the severity of one’s aviophobia, it is important that they seek help before the fear manifests itself further. Luckily enough, there are many treatment options and solutions to help overcome fear of flying.

Aviophobia Treatment

Information is probably one of the best treatments for aviophobia. Learning about just how safe it is to fly and aviation in general can help lessen the fear.

Some people seek out local fear of flying courses that may be taken in groups The biggest benefit of these group type courses is the ability to share information with one another. However, these courses may be expensive and are not very convenient.

An alternative is the Take Off Today Course which allows for an instant download so you can learn at home and at your own pace. Furthermore, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee which is a estimate to the quality of the course. Click here for more info

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